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Our Process

Our Family Wealth Advisory Process

The hallmark of Siller & Cohen is our unique, proprietary, family wealth advisory planning process. We use sophisticated tools and provide a fully integrated approach to identifying solutions to produce a customized plan.

Through our planning process, we do not evaluate only one aspect of your life, we look at the full picture and develop a personalized plan which includes Estate Planning, Investment Planning, Retirement Planning Strategies and Business Owner Planning. By doing this, you can feel a sense of confidence that all aspects of your life are evaluated together and your plan will identify solutions to help you achieve your financial goals.

At a certain level of wealth, a family has access to the best advisors in every discipline. Yet even after aligning themselves with an array of competent people they trust deeply, the planning process continues to sputter and stop and then start again.

We find that although the family has engaged a team of all star advisors, the various parties aren't necessarily working in concert as an All-star Team. Typically this occurs due to a lack of clarity on the part of the wealth holder, and in turn the advisors, about the ultimate mission and vision for the family wealth. Once this vision is established and communicated, you'll find all of the advisors working to the utmost of their professional and creative abilities, with tremendous momentum.

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