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At Siller & Cohen, our approach to investment planning involves an analysis of your current position in order to establish a baseline of risk and return expectations. We know that achieving meaningful and long lasting financial independence requires sound investing. A disciplined, and scientifically structured approach that is tailored to you will assist in meeting your individual goals and objectives. Our primary role in your investment planning is to understand your risk tolerance. We then provide you with the information, advice and solutions you need to make empowered and informed decisions that will have financial independence and generational wealth management as the core tenet both today and in the future.

Our process is through six integrated levels of analysis:

  1. We evaluate your risk capacity, time horizon, and inflation protection aspirations: As an investor you have a unique comfort level when it comes to risk. Various investments are suited for different holding periods, and, of course some investments historically have outperformed inflation while others have failed to keep pace. That’s why we first evaluate your sensitivity to risk, investment time horizon and inflation protection needs before we recommend your appropriate options.
  2. We identify, collectively, your objectives which typically include: financial independence (current and future generations) and security, income goals, education funding needs, gifting to community and family survivor income.
  3. We determine your level of tax sensitivity: Income taxes continue as an ever-increasing concern to all investors. Throughout our planning process, we help you to determine the appropriateness of tax-free income, tax-deferred accumulation and tax location alternatives.
  4. We analyze your current portfolio: It is important to determine if your current portfolio is adequately structured to effectively help meet your needs and objectives. Your portfolio design should be based on a clear understanding of your current prioritized objectives, capital availability, cash flow and impact of your desired assumptions. Our models are developed to evaluate the probability of your current portfolio helping achieve your lifetime goals.
  5. We determine your current asset allocation: There is substantial evidence that your asset allocation decision today will be one of the primary factors that will determine the future results of your investment program. Our approach encourages you to combine a long-term philosophy with a well-diversified portfolio.
  6. We identify and recommend investment alternatives: Based on the information you supply, and financial independence analysis, we will make succinct recommendations tailored to your needs and goals. We want to enhance your investment position and increase the probability that you achieve your financial independence aspirations.

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